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Civil Engineering

Degree Programs


At K-State CE, the objective of our undergraduate program is to prepare you for a professional career in the diverse discipline of civil engineering. Our program offers CE students five options to complete a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. Based on your preference for a particular topic area or specialization within civil engineering, you may choose to concentrate on one of the following:

  • General option
  • Construction option
  • Environmental option
  • Structural option
  • Transportation option
Program Overview
Bachelor's degree requirements
Concurrent B.S./M.S. in Civil Engineering


Graduate (On Campus)

The Department of Civil Engineering at Kansas State University offers comprehensive programs leading to the degree of master of science and doctor of philosophy. Established programs of study are available in structural analysis and design, geotechnical engineering, environmental and water resources engineering, and transportation and materials engineering. An active research program exists in each of these areas, and it is the goal of the department to maintain a close association between graduate study, research, teaching, and engineering practice.

Master's degree requirements
Doctoral degree requirements
Transportation Engineering Graduate Certificate requirements
Geoenvironmental Graduate Certificate requirements

Graduate (Off Campus)

K-State CE has a vibrant distance education program. The distance degree is offered through the K-State Global Campus and parallels the on-campus program. Courses offered are the same as those taught on-campus. All courses are available through K-State Online, an interactive web-based classroom. All courses are offered asynchronously so that students can watch lectures at their convenience.