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Civil Engineering

Graduate Programs in Civil Engineering

K-State CE offers comprehensive programs leading to the degrees of master of science and doctor of philosophy in civil engineering with specialization in environmental and water resources engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural analysis and design, and transportation and materials engineering. Active research programs are maintained in each of these areas with a goal of integrating graduate study, research, teaching and engineering practice. 

Program Requirements

The general requirements for admission to the CE graduate program include a bachelor of science or equivalent degree from an accredited civil engineering program and evidence that the applicant has the ability to do satisfactory graduate work. Students not possessing a degree in civil engineering may be admitted if their undergraduate work is closely related to their CE specialty area of interest, and they complete a core program of undergraduate civil engineering coursework.

Students admitted for work toward a master of science degree can select a program of study requiring the completion of a master's thesis or a master's report within their area of interest. Students admitted for work toward a doctor of philosophy degree are required to develop an original research program, pass a preliminary examination and complete a doctoral dissertation under the guidance of and advisory committee.


Prathap Parameswaran

Graduate Program Director