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Civil Engineering

Graduate Certificates

Transportation Engineering Graduate Certificate

The Transportation Engineering Graduate Certificate program will provide you, as a transportation professional, with the opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills through graduate study that is less extensive than a traditional master's program. You can pursue a focused collection of courses that allows you to receive recognition for your continued efforts in the area of transportation engineering. And, if you do decide to pursue a master's degree, the graduate certificate courses you take may apply towards that degree. This certificate program requires 12 credit hours of coursework. To learn more about certificate requirements, view the course catalog.

Geoenvironmental Graduate Certificate

The purpose of the geoenvironmental certificate program is to:

  • Prepare graduates for careers related to geoenvironmental engineering;
  • Promote interdisciplinary educational experiences in geoenvironmental engineering and;
  • Enhance interactions among faculty and students in the allied science and engineering disciplines related to geoenvironmental engineering.

This certificate program requires 12 credit hours of coursework. It includes nine credit hours from three required courses and three credit hours of elective chosen from a list of approved courses. View the course catalog to learn more about required courses and approved electives. The geoenvironmental certificate program is administered and coordinated by the Department of Civil Engineering.