Parth Panchmatia | Assistant Professor

Parth PanchmatiaPh.D. - 2017, Purdue University
Civil Engineering Materials
M.S. - 2013, Purdue University
Civil Engineering
B. Tech. - 2010, Indian Institute of Technology
Civil Engineering

Contact information

2113 Fiedler Hall

Professional experience

Panchmatia received his doctorate in civil engineering materials from Purdue University in 2017 where his work involved measuring the effect of air-cooled blast-furnace slag aggregate on the pore-solution chemistry of different cementitious systems. Prior to beginning his Ph.D. research, he was part of a team at Purdue University that studied concrete preparation using recycled concrete aggregates and premature joint deterioration in rigid pavements exposed to cold-weather conditions. After graduation, he accepted a postdoctoral position in the department of petroleum and geosystems engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. There he led a team of graduate and undergraduate students to develop cementing solutions for oil and gas well construction and abandonment. He joined Kansas State University as a teaching assistant professor in fall 2019.


Panchmatia has worked extensively on Portland cement concrete incorporating recycled aggregates and industrial by-products. His areas of interest include concrete pavements, materials for oil/gas well construction and abandonment, alkali-activated cementitious materials and magnetorheological cementitious materials. He has developed alkali-activated material formulations for oil well cementing applications and cement slurries capable of holding small differential pressures (up to 100 psi) in the presence of a magnetic field. He has an interest in developing concrete formulations for nuclear power plants that could withstand thermal, mechanical and radiation loading for 80-100 years.

Academic highlights

Panchmatia has authored and/or co-authored seven peer-reviewed journal papers, two technical reports and four conference papers. He has a strong passion for teaching and was awarded the Estus H. and Vashti L. Magoon award for teaching undergraduate labs in the department of civil engineering at Purdue University. During graduate school, he completed teacher certifications demonstrating his commitment to achieve instructional excellence. He was awarded the ACPA concrete pavement and materials science scholarship at Purdue University in 2014.

Recent faculty publications
  • P. Panchmatia, J. Olek, T. Kim, The influence of air cooled blast furnace slag (ACBFS) aggregate on the
    concentration of sulfates in concrete’s pore solution, Construction and Building Materials 168 (2018)
    394 – 403.