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Civil Engineering

Alumni Fred Stiers joins Kansas State University College of Engineering Hall of Famefred

Induction to the hall is the highest honor bestowed on its alumni by the college. The honorees were recognized on April 2, 2016 for their professional success and accomplishment, involvement with and support of the College of Engineering, dedication to Kansas State University, and professional and public service.
 Fred Stiers, Roundup, Montana, is a 1975 graduate of Kansas State University in civil engineering. In 2008, he retired from the position of general manager, downstream projects, for ConocoPhillips Co. in Houston, Texas. In that position he had global responsibility for capital expansion projects totaling more than $7 billion under construction and another $25 billion of projects being developed. His areas of responsibility included planning, front-end development, setting execution strategies, staffing, design engineering, and construction for ConocoPhillips's refining, pipeline and specialty power divisions. Earlier in his career he was president of General Mechanical Construction Co. in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and manager of two of Conoco's refineries in the U.S. He has served as chairman of the Montana Safety Services Council, on the Montana Petroleum Association board, and with the Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association. He is a certified professional engineer in California.