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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Mentorship (CEMent) Program

We want all Civil Engineering students to succeed during their time at K-State and after they embark on their professional careers. The CEMent program is a mentoring program designed to help CE students transition to life at K-State and later provide a path to selecting a professional career based on feedback from CE alumni.

Freshmen CE students will be mentored by a CE upperclassman. This mentoring program will help freshmen explore the opportunities and resources available at the Department of Civil Engineering, Carl R. Ice College of Engineering, and K-State. Mentors will assist freshmen students transition to campus life and explore ways to get involved with civil engineering professional societies and other on-campus activities/organizations.

A CE alumnus engaged in professional practice will serve as a mentor to CE upperclassmen and assist them in their transition for classroom to project sites/design offices. The rich and diverse experience of mentors will assist mentees to choose from different possible career paths associated with civil engineering.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Parth Panchmatia (parth@ksu.edu)


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